CAMBr Conditions for Android

Introducing CAMBr Conditions For Android™. Now get up to date trail conditions right from your Android powered device. If you are so blessed by CAMBr, you can even update current conditions too. And if you need it, you can check out the trail guides.

This application was developed in my "free" time, time that could have been billed to a client if I hadn't been working on this. If you find this application valuable, and would like to see it get developed further and in a timely fashion, then please consider making a donation. I would greatly appreciate it.

As it stands now, this application is all about trail conditions. A very important function indeed, but I do have plans on making this an even more valuable tool. I can see integrating local weather forecasts, pulling in upcoming workdays and events, and more. But my primary goal is the inclusion of a map view with trail and current location overlays. You'll also be able to punch in the location of another rider to see where they are and to find the quickest route to them. Perfect for emergency response personnel. Imagine being able to look at the map and easily see which trails are open and which should be avoided. It's gonna be sweet!

Change Log It's a fairly simple application and it's use should be fairly obvious to most. Here are a few screen shots with some commentary, should you need it.

The main menu.

Preferences allows you to enabled / disable timeouts when communicating with There are separate timeout values for establishing a connection and for receiving data. Both are specified in milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second) and both default to 3000.

From here, you may also turn on the Auto Update feature to automatically check for updated trail conditions at the specified Update Interval. The interval can range from 30 Minutes up to 1 Day, and defaults at 3 Hours. If you choose to Use Sound, your default notification ringtone will sound whenever an update is found.

Login doesn't really log you into You are just providing your login credentials for those functions that are restricted to certain users. Right now, the only such function is the ability to update trail conditions. If you have not been granted this right, then there is no need for you to enter this information.

After entering your username and password, tap on Verify to confirm your credentials. You will be notified if your login information is correct or not. If correct, your information will be stored.

If you have verified you login in the past and would like to clear it, tap Clear.

Trail Conditions listing. If all the trails don't fit on your display, you can scroll up or down to see the rest.

All views have a menu, with at least the Main Menu option. It's like pushing [BACK] until you get back to the start.

From the trail details view, you can view it's Trail Guide, or Edit the conditions, assuming you have adequate permission to do so. You can also check out Sunrise / Sunset times.

Sunrise and sunset times are calculated for the trail system being displayed. They are accurate +/- 2 minutes.

Edit mode. If you want to create a completely new status message, tap Clear to start fresh.

When editing a trail system with individually reported trails, as depicted here, you cannot change the overall status directly. Tap the trail indicator for each trail to cycle through the available statuses. The overall status will update accordingly.

When editing a trail system without individual trails, just tap the indicator to cycle through the available options.

Tap Update to post the change to